Move-In Instructions

Once you have been assigned housing from your ASC Department's Hiring Manager they will send that room assignment to The ASC Housing Department. The ASC Housing Department will then send you an email within a couple of business days with a lease attached, full apartment details, payment information and deadlines. (Full details below; print this page for your reference later)
1.) Prior to arrival a full security deposit, a $100 non-refundable administrative fee and 1st month's rent are paid and your lease is received by the given due dates.
2.) Schedule your move-in appointment with the Housing Office during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM). Last move-in appointment time is 4:30 PM. After Hours Move-Ins require approval and all requirements must be met. See below "After Hours Move-In Requirements." 
MAROLT TENANTS ONLY: Please also remember to schedule a move-in appointment with Nicole Morehead from Marolt by email or call 970-920-5718. The Marolt office is open for move ins Monday - Wednesday 8:00AM-4:00PM and Thursday/Fridays 11:00AM-4:00PM.
The address for Marolt check-in is "18 Truscott Place, Aspen, CO. 81611." If you have emailed your full lease, copy of ID to the ASC Housing Office, APCHA application approved and you are fully paid up, you will not need to stop by the ASC Housing Office before your Marolt move-in appointment.
BURLINGAME TENANTS ONLY:  Please Schedule a move in with our Housing Office and then we will help you with your move in. 
ASPEN HIGHLANDS TRAILHEAD TENANTS ONLYPlease Schedule a move in with our Housing Office and then we will help you with your move in. Please use this link to learn about this property..
CAMPGROUND RESIDENTS ONLY: Please report directly to the Campground Housing office for your move-in appointment. 20640 HWY 82, Basalt, CO. 81621
WILLITS THE HUB RESIDENTS ONLY: Please report directly to THE HUB Housing office for your move-in appointment. 300 Robinson Street, Basalt CO 81621.
3.) At move-in a full payment of any balance remaining is collected.
4.) At move-in bring a valid government issued I.D. (Passport and/or Driver's License)
5.) At move-in be ready to sit down to a 5-10 minute orientation process and fill out any additional paperwork before receiving a key.
A damage deposit (bond) equal to one month's rent, is due prior to your arrival to reserve your unit. Payment options are listed below. If your monthly rent is less than $500, then your deposit = $500. Otherwise security deposits are equal to one month's rent. See your housing offer for your exact deposit amount.
1.)    Send your completed lease back to and request early online access for payment.  (Once your lease is confirmed received, then a Housing Representative will set up your online tenant account within a couple of business days). 
2.)   Wait for your email from our software Buildium to gain access to your online account. Account access emails are sent to the email that you provided on your lease. Follow the instructions for log-in once the email is received.
3.)   Once you log-in you can pay with a United States Checking Account only. Note; bank account has to be in your name and match your name on your Buildium account. Sorry! No Credit/debit cards. Simply follow the instructions for payment. 
4.)   Email the Housing Office at that you've made your payment online and you will then receive confirmation email of deposit reception. 
If you chose to pay by mail, then it is recommended to send your payment the next business day from receiving a housing offer so you don't miss a payment deadlines and risk losing your unit.
Mail To:  
                  Housing Office
                  PO 6029 (United States Postal Mail)
                  26 Commons Circle (Fed Ex or UPS)
                  Snowmass Village, CO. 81615
Payable to: "ASC" or "Aspen Skiing Company"
*No personal checks for deposits. 
**Money Orders, Cashier's Checks and Certified Checks accepted
ACCEPTED IN THE HOUSING OFFICE ONLY during normal business hours. Never leave cash in the rent drop slot or local rent drop box.

PAY BY WIRE: (International residents only):
NOTE:  You must be logged into your online resident account to download the wire transfer instructions document.
NOTE:   You must return your completed lease in order to gain access to your online resident account. 
NOTE:  If you are not logged-in to your account the wire transfer document will not show up on this page until you do. 
Click here and download "2022 WIRE TRANSFER INSTRUCTIONS"
Send an email the Housing Office at that you've made your payment online and you will then receive confirmation email of deposit reception. 
CANCELLATION: Please make sure of your decision before your payment is mailed. Cancelling prior to the start of your lease term will result in the loss of your full security deposit.  Once your deposit has been received it will only be refunded once the lease term has been met, sublettor found and the property has been vacated.
ROOM INVENTORY: At move-in you will  receive a "Move-in Inspection Form" for you to complete and return within one week of your move-in. This will give you a chance to list the condition of the room so you won't get charged for anything damaged previous to your arrival and will give maintenance a chance to address any maintenance issues. 
DEPOSIT RETURNS: The deposit is refundable when the apartment is returned at the end of the lease in the same condition as when it was rented (deep cleaned), key is returned, and there are no outstanding charges or damages. Deposits are usually refunded within 30 days after the employee vacates.
Seasonal leases are for a minimum of approximately 5 1/2 to 6 months depending on property location and size.  1-year leases are also available at some properties (Sopris View and Keator grove). You must be willing to pay for your entire lease term (even if you plan to stay for less).  Do NOT sign this lease if you cannot honor your full lease payment obligation.
You will receive a housing offer email with a lease and instructions within 2 business days of the ASC Housing Department receiving the assignment.
If you have NOT received a lease please contact                       
1).     Send in your completed lease with your deposit to the address above.
2).     Please sign and date where indicated on each page.
       a.    Any information you are unsure of you can leave blank until arrival.
       b.   Any trouble filling out the lease please contact us.
3).     A housing office representative will finish your lease with you during your move-in appointment and provide you with a copy for your records.
4).    Once your lease is confirmed received then a Housing Representative will set up your online tenant account within 48 hours.  From there once you log-in you can pay with a United States Checking Account only. Sorry! No Credit/debit cards.

During office hours move-ins are by appointment only (Please NO walk-ins).  Please set up your move-in appointment during normal business hours at least 2 weeks prior to arrival. Click here for ASC Housing Office address and directions.
            Office Hours:
            Monday – Friday
            8:00AM – 5:00PM (Mountain Standard Time)
            4:30PM last move=in appointment time
Set up move-in appointment: 
Call (970) 922-9001 or email   
1).    Full payment of 1st month's rent, parking, and any other fees are due at move-in if not already paid.
2).    Bring a valid I.D. (Passport and/or Driver's License)
3).    Be ready to sit down to a 5-10 minute orientation process and fill out your lease and paperwork before receiving a key.
4).    You will not receive a key if full payment and completed lease are not received or requirements are not met, (no exceptions).
Most apartments are furnished with a bed, full kitchen, and basic furnishings. You will need dishes, towels, sheets, pillows, etc.  For more information on your unit and what it includes visit the "Property Info" tab at the top of the HOME page.

St. Mortiz Lodge in Aspen and the Pokolodi in Snowmass Village are both affordable options.

To arrange for a key to be left for you after Housing Office move-in hours please see the After Hours Move-In Requirements below:


1.)    Contact or 970-922-9001 at least 48 hours in advance to make arrangements with a Housing Office representative.  
2.)    All paperwork including a completed signed lease are confirmed received by the Housing Office.
3.)    A copy of a valid government issued ID is confirmed received by the Housing office.
4.)    All payments have been made including rent, deposit, admin fee etc. You must have a $0 balance.
5.)    (If required) You must report to the
Housing Office by 10AM the following business day to complete any possible remaining move-in paperwork and obtain parking passes etc. 
Parking is very limited and available on a "first-come first-serve" basis while spaces are available
1).    Parking prices can range from $250 - $300 per vehicle per season depending on property and location. Send payment to the address above with your security deposit to reserve your space.
2).     Parking at any ASC Housing property without a parking pass will result in a $50 immobilization fee. There is no guest parking at any properties.
3).      For more details on parking at your property visit the "Property Info" tab at the top of the page
Only a limited few properties allow pets. Please visit the "Property Info" tab at the top of the page for specific pet information on your property. A PAWH pet/ESA pet application must be completed and returned to PAWH for approval prior to any lease agreement.