About Us

Aspen Skiing Company Housing is located all throughout the Roaring Fork Valley with approximately 900 beds managed. We offer mostly seasonal and some year round housing in the summer and winter seasons.


In the winter season, apartments are designated for full time Aspen Skiing Company employees ONLY. There is no application process as housing is not obtained through the ASC Housing Department. Housing is obtained through your Aspen Skiing Company department head. 

ASC employees leasing for the summer are not permitted to extend leases into the winter season without a formal written assignment from an ASC division director. Residents that were housed for the summer term do not receive any type of priority or preference for winter housing. 

Housing is awarded based on an internal allocation system whereby Aspen Skiing Company department heads determine the recipients of the limited number of beds allocated to each division of the company.   Please contact your Aspen  Skiing Company hiring manager or division director to see if they have reserved a bed for you for the 2022-2023 winter season.
Apartments are assigned to department managers with the goal of providing beds that are in close proximity to their employee's  job locations.   However, it's not unusual for employees that work in Aspen to be assigned housing in Snowmass Village at the Club Commons apartments. Snowmass Village is a short commute to Aspen and has the most housing.
*Residents who wish to move out prior to their lease termination date are still required to fulfill their lease payment obligation, even if they won't be in the apartment for the full term. Some winter leases are 6 months depending on property location and room type.


Aspen: The Annex, Holiday House, & Snow Eagle

Aspen Highlands: Heatherbed

Buttermilk: Aspen Airport Business Center Residences

Snowmass Village: Club Commons I & II, & Snowmass Divide

In the winter season the "Up Valley" units are open to Aspen Ski Company employees ONLY and are assigned by the direct hiring managers of each department. In most cases a 5 1/2-month lease minimum is required, (some leases are 6 months or more depending on room location and type). If you are looking for housing in the Aspen, Snowmass Village, or Aspen Highlands area please contact us by any of the following options:

Employment with Aspen Skiing Company is required to live with us in the winter. Winter housing is secured through your Aspen Skiing Company Department Manager not through the ASC Housing Office. 

Contact the Housing Office at (970) 922-9001

Email: housingoffice@aspensnowmass.com

Click the "contact us" tab and submit the information required.


** Please note: Unlike Winter Housing Rentals,  Summer rentals are available to individuals not employed by Aspen Skiing Company. (See "summer housing" below).



El Jebel: Sopris View Apartments, Campground & Willits

Carbondale: Thunder River Lodge & Keator Grove 

Available year round to the public and is first come first serve but ASC employees will have priority. A 1-year lease option may be required. If you are looking for housing in the El Jebel or Carbondale area please contact us by:

Contact the "Down-Valley" Housing Office at (970) 300-7770

Email: mkappeli@aspensnowmass.com

Click the "contact us" tab and submit the information required.